No Badminton Net? No Worries — Just Play Badminton Golf

26 Jul

A pair of badminton rackets, some birdies and a net can have give you and a friend hours of enjoyment during the summer, but you don’t necessarily settle for another type of activity if you don’t have a net. Even without a net, you and your playing partner can hit the birdie back and forth […]

4 Types Of Bicycles To Choose From

11 May

If you are thinking about investing in a bicycle soon, it’s important that you know what type of bicycle is going to be best for you and what you plan on using it for. This way, when you go to a bicycle shop to choose a bicycle, you know which bikes specifically to look at. […]

The Best Fabrics for Comfortable Golf Apparel

4 Feb

When you hit the links, the clothes you choose aren’t just about style.  The right fabrics can help to keep you cool and comfortable and still give you freedom of movement.  There are plenty of options to choose from, and of course, the climate will play a role in your choice.  But when it comes […]

Should You Get A Driving Range Membership?

3 Feb

There’s not much you enjoy more than spending time at your local golf course. But your game could use some work to make your time even more enjoyable — and increase your chances of winning that $2 Nassau against your best buddy. Is a driving range membership worth the cost, and can it improve your […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Road Biking Basics & Safety

25 Jan

You might have done some biking when you were child, but now you may want to go the extra mile and do some real road biking. The following guide will show you some basic pointers to help you get started. Know The Positions One of the most important things to master is the proper positions […]

4 Ways Tall Cycling Jerseys Can Improve The Safety And Comfort Of Your Ride

21 Jan

If you are an unusually tall cyclist, you probably know how uncomfortable it can be to wear the wrong type of clothing when you ride. You may feel that you have to settle for an over-sized t-shirt because you are unable to find a cycling jersey that fits properly. Nevertheless, there are jersey brands such […]

4 Different Types Of Trophies To Give As Awards For Sports

21 Jan

There are a variety of different types of trophies that can be awarded for different sporting events and accomplishments and each can be great depending on the situation. This article will discuss 4 different types of trophies to give as awards for sports.  Medals A great type of trophy to give out as more of […]

Three Hidden Lessons Gymnastics Can Teach A Child

19 Jan

Gymnastics is a highly physical sport that requires both the mind and body to be in alignment. Children who dedicate time to this sport and advance don’t just see their skill level increase, but they also gain a number of invaluable life lessons. Here are just some of the hidden lessons your child can learn […]

How To Sharpen Your Knife Blade

22 Oct

Over time, frequent use of your knives can cause your blades to become dull. This can be especially problematic for tasks that require precision cuts that can only be made with a sharp blade. The good news is, there is truly no reason for you to get rid of your dull knives or invest in […]