Why Fingernail Stickers Are Better Than Paint For A Baseball Catcher

Posted on: 27 December 2022

When a baseball catcher wants to ensure that their fingernails are more visible so that the pitchers on their team can read the signs they put down, they have a few different options. Some catchers choose to paint their fingernails in a bright color of paint. This is an idea that can work well, but that has several drawbacks. Another option is to use fingernail enhancement stickers, which you can buy at a sporting goods store. These stickers come in several designs, but all of them help to make your fingers easier to see. Here are some reasons that stickers are preferable to paint.


It doesn't take long to peel the stickers off their backing and place them on your fingernails. You can do this at home before a game, in the car while you're riding to the local baseball field, or even in the dugout minutes before the game begins. If you're looking for a fast solution to making your fingernails more visible, stickers are ideal. Paint, meanwhile, isn't as quick. Not only does it take longer to physically dab paint on each of your nails, but you also have to wait a few minutes for the paint to adequately dry.

No Mess

A lot of catchers favor using stickers because they're not messy. You can apply and remove the stickers without any risk of making a mess, which makes this product handy. This isn't the case for using paint. For example, if your hand shakes a little when they're applying the paint — perhaps because a teammate in the dugout accidentally bumps into you — you can get paint on your finger. In some cases, you might even spill the paint on yourself or on the bench, requiring a significant clean-up job.

Easier To Travel With

If you play on a competitive baseball team, you may participate in several tournaments throughout the year in addition to your weekly games. If you're going to be traveling a lot, using fingernail enhancement stickers makes more sense than carrying a small jar of paint for your fingers. Not only will the paint take up more space in your baseball bag, a bag in which space is often at a premium, but you might also worry about the jar cracking as you toss your bag around during travel. Catcher fingernail stickers are small and easy to fit in any of the bag's pockets. Visit a sporting goods store to shop for this product.