4 Different Types Of Trophies To Give As Awards For Sports

Posted on: 21 January 2016

There are a variety of different types of trophies that can be awarded for different sporting events and accomplishments and each can be great depending on the situation. This article will discuss 4 different types of trophies to give as awards for sports. 


A great type of trophy to give out as more of a participation award is a medal. Medals can come in different shapes and sizes, but are generally much smaller than regular trophies and come with a thick fabric band to hang around the neck of participants. Metals are great to use for young children who are playing on public sports teams because they allow each child to get something for the effort that they have put in. Medals are also great to hand out to race participants both for participating and for winning because of their small size and because of how easy it is to wear and display them. 

Plastic Trophies

Plastic trophies that are made to look like metal are also great to use for participation trophies because they are more simple and affordable than other types of trophies. These are also great to use as individual award trophies if you don't have a lot of money in your sport's budget, but still want to recognize excellence when you see it. These trophies often have an athlete on top of them and will have the accomplishment printed at the base of the trophy. 


Plaques are great for either a team or individual athlete that has accomplished something great within the sport. Whether a team has taken state or region, or if an individual has beat a school or state record, plaques are great because they allow personalization. The plaque can be created to say exactly what the team or individual athlete's accomplishment was and will include a picture as well that is covered with protective glass. Plaques can be hung on the wall, so it is quite easy to display them in a school, home, sport's facility, etc. 

Metal Trophies 

Metal trophies come in the form of cups, pillars, and other creative designs and are generally used when a big accomplishment has been achieved. These trophies are also often quite large in size to showcase the huge accomplishment that the sport's team or individual has performed. This trophies can be customized for each sport and will have personalized engravings on them. Because of the material used to create these trophies, as well as the size and detail, they can often be quite expensive, making them great for large awards. Contact a local supplier, like Washington Trophy Center, for more help.