4 Ways Tall Cycling Jerseys Can Improve The Safety And Comfort Of Your Ride

Posted on: 21 January 2016

If you are an unusually tall cyclist, you probably know how uncomfortable it can be to wear the wrong type of clothing when you ride. You may feel that you have to settle for an over-sized t-shirt because you are unable to find a cycling jersey that fits properly. Nevertheless, there are jersey brands such as Perzist that are specially designed for tall people. Here are a few ways that a tall cycling jersey can improve the safety and comfort of your next ride. 

Tall cycling jerseys don't expose your midriff.

If you're tall, you might have a long torso, and regularly sized biking jerseys may not be long enough to fully cover your back and abdomen as you ride. However, tall cycling jerseys are extra long, so even as you bend forward in a cycling position, portions of your back and waist won't be exposed. 

Tall cycling jerseys are stretchy so they hug your body as you ride.

Although a large t-shirt may cover your long torso, the looseness of a large shirt can become bothersome. As you ride your bike, loose clothing may flap in the wind.

In addition, the clothing can become caught on your knees as they rise and fall during episodes of pedaling. This can be uncomfortable, but it is also unsafe due to the falling hazard it presents.

Tall cycling jerseys are available in bright colors.

One of the greatest hazards that cyclists face while riding on the street is oncoming traffic. If a motorist is unable to see a cyclist, the cyclist could easily be struck by a car or truck. Tall cycling jerseys are often available in bright, reflective colors so that they are easily seen from a distance. Some jerseys even include reflective zippers to increase visibility even further.

Tall cycling jerseys are available with high back pockets.

Some cycling jerseys for tall people have large pockets on the back of the jersey. The pockets are set high above the bottom of the jersey, so when they are filled, they don't rest under your bottom and compromise comfort.

In addition, since biking shorts don't usually contain pockets, the pockets of tall cycling jerseys become especially important. Personal items, such as a wallet or a cellphone, can safely be placed in these compartments so they don't fall to the ground as you ride.

If you are a tall cyclist, visit a sporting goods store in your area to find a tall cycling jersey that fits your body and your style.