Planning To Carry Children In Your Electric Bike Cargo Box? Look For These Features

Posted on: 9 July 2021

Being able to take your children with you when you ride an electric bike can be appealing for lots of parents. If you are shopping for a new bike and one of your goals is to transport your young kids, then one style of bike to look for is one that has a built-in cargo box. While you can use this box in different ways, a popular approach for parents is to load their kids into it and go for a ride. If you are shopping at an electric bike store that has several models with built-in cargo boxes, here are some features that you will likely see.

Three Wheels

You will see that some electric bikes with cargo boxes have two wheels, while others have three. Three-wheeled models generally have two front wheels and one back wheel. This design is often a better choice if you plan to travel with your children. On a two-wheeled model, your kids may move from side to side while you are riding, causing the bike to feel unbalanced. A three-wheeled model will offer a lot more stability, even if your children's weight is not evenly distributed in the cargo box. This can help you to feel more confident as well as safe while you ride.

Front Wheel Fenders

When your children are in the cargo box of your electric bike, you do not want them reaching their hands over the edge of the bike and touching the spinning wheels on either side. It is ideal to choose an electric bike that has fenders over both of the front wheels. In addition to controlling the spray of water and mud, the fenders will be instrumental in protecting your children's fingers from injuries that could occur as a result of touching a spinning bike wheel. 


Many electric bikes with built-in cargo boxes are equipped with seatbelts, given the popularity of using the box for transporting children. As a parent, you want your kids to be safe when they are in the box, and being secured with seatbelts can be instrumental in this regard. Seatbelts will also prevent your children from being able to move around while you ride, which can limit the distractions that you might face. Visit an electric bike store to browse a few bikes with built-in cargo boxes, and look for the model that will best suit you and your children.