Three Types Of Hats To Wear Golfing

Posted on: 1 November 2021

When you're planning a golfing outing, you want to put some thought into what you'll wear. Most golf courses have dress codes, so choosing the right shirt and pants or skirt will be important. Don't forget to think about your headwear, too. If you don't currently own a golf hat, visit a golf apparel retailer to browse its options. There are all sorts of golf hat styles, so you can have fun picking out one that is comfortable to wear and that will match the clothing that you often choose for a day on the links. Here are three golf hat designs that you'll find at your local store.

Ball Cap

You'll find a lot of ball caps that are designed for golfers, and this can be a good choice if you're used to this style of hat. A lot of people wear ball caps in their daily lives, so choosing this headwear for when you're playing golf can make sense. Instead of wearing your daily ball cap when you golf, buying a new one that features the logo of a company that produces a line of golf apparel can be appealing. Ball cap-style golf hats tend to be comfortable to wear for long durations, and you have the option of those that are adjustable or those that are fitted.

Flat Cap

If you want to go with a style that is more traditional, a flat cap can be an option to explore. These hats are available in many different colors and patterns, but lots have more muted tones than ball cap-style golf hats. If you like the idea of choosing clothing that pays homage to the history of the sport, a flat cap can be a fun choice because it will complement this attire. At the same time, you'll still be able to find flat caps with more of a contemporary design.

Bucket Hat

A casual type of golf hat to consider is a bucket hat, which gets its name from its shape. This is a round hat that has a brim around its entire perimeter, which can make it a good choice to wear on days that are exceptionally sunny. Bucket hats tend to give you more of a casual appearance, which means that you'll want to check that they're permitted at the golf course you're visiting. Visit your local golf retailer to browse its selection of golf hats.

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